Version 3 Beta
Idea and first implementation by Pinkfairie
Realisation by Krim

Follow if you want to get informed with the actual development of Version 3 or general updates.

The V3 is more developer friendly than the last version, you can add your own extensions in it w/o hacking it in the rp_main code. I'll add some new, unique additional features soon.

Dependencies (you MUST install both in order to let the RP Mod work)
This code uses COLORS:

This Version is in BETA Status. There may occur BUGS.

Item GPSBug & GPSScanner dont work
Item Policejammer still dont work
Check everything
Check all new Bugs
Reimplement the new drugs and the new alcohol

Thanks to Benni who helped - it takes some time to fix all the bugs he implemented but it still helps a LOT!!