rp_propdmg (0/1) - enables damage from properties like furniture - default 1
rp_tkcopkill (0/1) - enables TK mode for cops - default 1
rp_crowbardmg (0/1) - enables the crowbar as weapon
rp_npcrob_interval (number) - time in sec until a register can be robbed again
rp_giveworkweapon (0/1) - gives the working weapon (crowbar) to the players
rp_copdropmoney (0/1) - let the cops drop money like every other player
rp_needfeed (0/1) - enables / disables the feeding - default 1

Console Command List. RP_ commands require Admin Privileges, SM_ commands dont.

-> rp_admin
rp_name - changes the name of the player
rp_setbank - changes the money on the bank of the player
rp_setmoney - same but for money ;)
rp_setincome - changes the income of the player
rp_crime - changes the crime of the player
rp_cuff - cuffs the player
rp_uncuff - same like cuff, but vice versa.
rp_status - details of each player
rp_setcop - changes the coplevel of a player from 0 (no cop) to 10 (superadmin)
rp_setitem - sets the amount of an item of a player
rp_remitem - takes an item from a player
rp_additem - gives the player an item

rp_setfeed - changes the feed status of a player (anti AFK)
rp_setsta - changes the stamina of a player (for special actions required - loads up over time)
rp_setint - changes the intelligence of a player (for special items - can be leveled up)
rp_setstr - changes the strenght of a player (max HP increase - can be leveled up)
rp_setdex - changes the dex of a player (allows special weapons - can be leveled up)
rp_setspd - changes the speed of a player (runspeed - can be leveled up)
rp_setwgt - changes the weight of a player (gravity - can be leveled up)
rp_sethate - changes the hatelevel of a player (can only be leveled up by crime)
rp_setTrainTimer - changes the timer for training (will be set by leveling a skill up and will decrease over time)

rp_createjob - creates a new job
rp_removejob - and removes it
rp_joblist - shows all avaiable jobs
rp_addvendoritem - adds an item to a vendor for sale
rp_removevendoritem - and vice versa
rp_note - adds a note (HUD info) on whatever you want
rp_rmnote - removes all notes
sm_switch - switches the cop status of a player (temporary - if too many cops online)

-> rp_client (dont need admin power)
sm_stats (or /stats) - shows the stats of a player (int dex spd wgt str and feeded)
sm_tracers (or /tracers) - toggles the tracers for the player

-> rp_doors
rp_givemainowner - gives the mainownership of a door to a player
rp_takemainowner - takes the mainowner
rp_setcopdoor - adds a door accessable for cops
rp_deletecopdoor - removes a door for the cops
rp_setalldoors - changes the amount of doors which will be assigned if you buy this door
rp_binddoor - binds a door to another maindoor
rp_makedoor -
rp_setsold - tells the script that this door is already sold
rp_setdoorprice - changes the price of a door
rp_setsellprice - changes the money you'll get back if you sell this door.
rp_setlocks - changes the amount of locks on the door

sm_givedoor - give a player doorrights
sm_takedoor - takes the doorrights from a player
sm_resetdoor - resets the door for you ;)
sm_doorname - changes the doorname
sm_buydoor - buys a door
sm_selldoor - sells a door
sm_doorinfo - gives detailed informations about a door

-> rp_furni
rp_saveit - saves an entity to the database (will be restored after each map reset)
rp_unsaveit - and deletes it
rp_freezeit - just freezes an item
rp_unfreezeit - and unfreezes it
rp_walkthru - makes an item walkthoughable
rp_del - removes an item immediately (only if nothing else works anymore!)

-> rp_items
rp_createitem - creates an item for sale
rp_removeitem - removes an item
rp_itemlist - shows all avaiable items
rp_lockdoor - makes a door ununlockable by doorhack/lockpick
rp_unlockdoor - revokes the flag of rp_lockdoor
sm_items (or /items) - shows the item menu

-> rp_jail
rp_addjail - adds a jail position
rp_setsuicide - adds a suicide position

-> rp_npcs
rp_createnpc - creates a new npc
rp_removenpc - and removes it
rp_npclist - lists all npcs
rp_npcnotice - sets the notice of a npc
rp_npcwho - shows the id of the npc

-> rp_spawn
rp_createspawn - creates a new spawn location
rp_removespawn - removes it
rp_spawnlist - list of all spawn locations

-> rp_talkzone
sm_call - calls another player
sm_answer (or /answer) answers a call
sm_hangup (or /hangup) ends a call
rp_ooc - toggles OOC Chat (out of character chat - say)
rp_togglechat - toggles local chat

-> rp_tools (admin tools)
db_location - returns actual location
db_info - returns infos of an entity
db_dublicate - dublicates an entity
db_create - creates an entity
db_create_throw - creates an entity and throws it (abusable!)
db_remove - deletes an entity