3.0 Beta 13
Fixed Orangebox Offsets (Thanks to Monkeys)
Fixed RP-Load-Bug
Fixed a mayor memory leak

3.0 Beta 12
Fixed iQuery and Abusable Hole
Added a new Var: rp_needfeed
And fixed some other parts.
Older Notes:
3.0 Beta 11:
Based on
Fixed negative value
changed the „reuse timer“ from 8 to 3 secs
fixed text display bug on giving items
fixed lock display
fixed locked doors not staying locked after map restart
changed score in TAB menu to hours instead of minutes
fixed item overtake glitch and robregister timer
fixed error which leads to not showing the hud

3.0 Beta 10:
Reimplemented sm_switch to switch from cop to player mode (if too many cops online)
Reimplemented the LockDoor Admin func
Removed Debug Outputs on Itemusage
Fixed Copdoor Bug
Added custom Gameinfo Title for Roleplay

3.0 Beta 9:
Fixed a major SQL injection bug and a bug which appeared when MaxPlayers was on accident overwritten by onpluginstart. Also added some performance tweaks and minor obsolete code.

3.0 Beta 8:
Implemented the TrainTimer and the HateLevel (you HAVE to reset your Sqlite Config File for this OR update it manually, sorry :/ but its still a beta! )
Also Fixed some minor bugs ive found (most text passages)

3.0 Beta 7:
just a minor bugfix release

3.0 Beta 6:
Added the "no cop TK" and "no prop dmg" mode - but deactivated by default - can be enabled by changing two cvars. Also added the fixes Death[Ger] mentioned on page 12 in the sourcemod forum.

3.0 Beta 4:
fixed the HUD Bug, Changed the RP_Spawn with
Master53's version (Copspawn), fixed many minor bugs, added bounty again, changed default values (timeinjail, maxplayers etc)

3.0 Beta 2:
Fixed many bugs, code is now working as it should, added all neccesary functions for RPing, fixed the known security holes etc. Too much for just one line.

3.0 Alpha:
Complete rewrite of the old 2.4 Mainclasses. Fixed masses of FATAL Bugs
Reprogrammed to work with SQL Databases (SQLite per default - so you dont need a SQL Server)
Reprogrammed to fix many many possible bugs
Reprogrammed to be easy adapted to other Games like CSS or TF2 (coming really soon)
Reprogrammed to make Extensions possible.

Many HUD Improvements (Like Colored HUDs, Informations etc)
New Feeding System: Players require Food - otherwise they'll stop gaining income
Many new administrative commands (like setincome etc)
All commands now renamed to make clear they're RP commands (for ex: rp_setmoney USER AMOUNT)
New Values like STR, DEX, INT, SPD, WGT avaiable
Tracers, Scanner etc now toggable
Locks are now maxed to 10 per door
Buydoor implemented (buydoor, selldoor, setdoorprice etc)
Furniture Script now part of the Roleplay Plugin itself
Jail System reprogrammed
Talkzone modified (OOC is default chat)
Multimap support (now enabled)

Roleplay Tools now part of the Roleplay Plugin
Crowbar now for "working" - so no damage to players
Pistols in hand of a cop => Taser (no damage)

new ITEM: Potions
new ITEM: Moneytracker + upgrades
new ITEM: Pusher (stomps players)
new ITEM: Secure PVP (maybe not practicable and will be removed)
new ITEM: Battery
new ITEM: Decoy (Crime lowerer)

And MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY other improvements i dont remember yet.

Prior 3.0 Release Notes:
Old Release Notes