The Old Release Notes of the Version 2.41. Maybe someone is interested and want to read it
-Because of the amount of bugs in the version of pinkfairy and the missing administrative functions i rewrote big parts of the code and implemented many new functions!

Known Script Bugs:
If the config file is not edited properly the ppl will spawn outside of the map after jail.

Known HL2 Bugs:
because of the entity hardlimit the server can crash if all ppl buy too many spawnable items and let them spawn at the same time. This is not fixable w/o the help of valve.
With impulse 51 you can create health and ammo crates all over the map. This is a bug in the HL2MP Engine. Use Bernies Cheat Controls to fix that. See at the bottom of this post.

-This is a very extensive mod covering almost every aspect of roleplaying in an FPS.
-Includes six plugins, Main, Doormod, Talkzone, Spawning, Notice and NPCs.

-Place the addons. models, textures and sound folder into your HL2: DM directory.
-If using an external download server: place a copy of the models textures and sound folder on it.
-Edit the config.txt in the addons/sourcemod/data/roleplay and change the EXIT teleport location - even if youre using C18.
-Change your Server to TEAM DEATHMATCH mode for best results

Green marked text shows really important fixes!

new in 2.4.1:
- Itemlimit is now set to 500 items
- Itemlist now has multiple pages
- after a servercrash /switch'ed Cops will keep their cop status
- minor stability patch

new in 2.4:
- new Rank: "Asshole" for all the flamers on the server ;) with special view and health. He cant switch back to normal on his own.
- many new NPC Types (Auctioneers, Models, Decorations, Gang Sellers etc)
- new Ingame Notice System (rp_notice)
- sm_setnotice <1|0 Save> for setting manual notices
- sm_npcnotice for setting manual notices on NPCs
- sm_givedoor now has another parameter for showing the "Owner: XXX" notice
- sm_takedoor now has another parameter for removing the "Owner : XXX" notice
- new GANG System. Now there are Gang Leaders and Gang Members. Leaders can promote other ppl to Gang Members who will be able to buy from Gang NPCs.
- Gang Leaders now can give Doorrights to Gang Members by using sm_gdoor and sm_tdoor.
- Fixed Item-Reuse-Cheat with sm_vmenuselect -.-
- Fixed "semi godmode" by abusing vmenuselect spam.
- Implemented an own Anti-Doorslam function. 15x Use on a Door and youll get in Jail
- sm_npcwho returns the ID of the NPC youre looking at
- HUD Improovement: Implemented "How long till next income raise"
- Many small HUD Improovements
- sm_setincome
- Implemented Bounty System! Now let the ppl jail 'emself .
- Bounty information: If the player gets over 2000 crime he'll get a bounty on his head. If another player shoots or kills him he will not get crime. The killed person will move to jail and has to wait until he gets free automaticly (30mins) or the policemen let them out.
- sm_bounty - Gives a bounty on the head of the player.
- sm_bountyall - Adds a Bounty on EVERY Player with crime.
- sm_gpsbug <1|0 Activate>
- New Item: TRAP. Pick up, wait 10 sec, die and drop money.
- sm_push - Usable by everyone: Push the player a lil bit. Creates Crime if used on Cops. Not usable while cuffed
- New Teleport Locations: VIPJail and Suicide Chamber (If exist in MAP)
- Police Door System: You can set a list of Door(Ent)IDs in the config file. The police will automaticly get the doorrights for them and loose them if he switchs back to the players.
- sm_switch now uncuffs the cop and removed his crime and bounty. Be aware admins: CAN BE ABUSED BY COPS!
- New Items: Doping with special abilities.
- Drugs now have Doping Effects.
- If person has been sent to the suicide chamber: Killing him will let him drop money and get free. He'll drop 20% of his money OR one of his income, whatever is more.
- Now on Death every player drops real money instead of boxes. Thanks to Manni for this idea.
- Fixed many many small bugs
- changed savetime from 30 to 10 minutes because of public demand
- Changed Raffle Tickets. Now they have a multiplier to create Big and Small Raffle Tickets.
- Raffle Tickets now broadcast when someone hit the jackpot.
- Improoved stability
- Added a new Model for the Admins: Snake from Metal Gear Solid
- and again many new functions i just dont remember anymore. ;)

- 2.4 contains the stocks system but its actually commented out because some things were just TOO hardcoded. ill change this in the next release.

new in 2.3:
- sm_doorshow - see who owns a door - even if the person is not online
- sm_takedoorbyid - take away doorrights from a person who is not online
- sm_switch (or /switch in say if sourcemod is configured correctly) - change from CopMode to Playermode and vice versa. No Adminrights required. Only usable for cops.
- say /door - command for player to see whos online to unlock a door
- new colored tracers for cops - the color of the tracer now shows which level of crime the rebel has.
- Item: GPS Bug - a tracer for rebels
- Item: GPS Scanner - GPS Bug remover
- Item: Raffle Ticket - Feeling Lucky to win some cash?
- Item: Police Jammer - Stealth yourself from the tracers of the police
- Item: Police Scanner - See where the cops are.
- Fixed: Showing rebels in combine team while death
- /stuck command now works much better
- /tracers command now also works for rebels
- Saving Playernames and "Last Seen" status
- Many improvements i dont remember anymore ;)

new in 2.2.2:
-fixed npc selling & buying bug -.-"

new in 2.2.1:
-cops now drop money but dont loose it.
-/stuck chat command for suicide (10 sec timebomb)
-Works now with sourcemod 1.1 dev

new in 2.2:
-changed to team deathmatch (please set your server also to team deathmatch - otherwise you'll get some errors)
-scoreboard now shows the online time in hours
-second bug fixed
-NPC rebuyer (Sell your items)
-Fixed ItemDupe Cheat
-Fixed MoneyDupe Cheat
-Fixed Income Bug
-Fixed Speed Cheat
-Special Skin for Gang Leaders
-NPCs with own Models
-colored HUD
-Better PlayerHUD for police with more informations about the user
-giveallMoney fixed
-give money even if youre cuffed
-Vendorrob after 2x Speed (Shift)
-QuickJail (2x Use (E) on cuffed player)
-Automatic Jail cleaner (after 30min every player in jail gets free, can be set by police to 10,30 and 60min)
-Jail Timer in HUD
-fixed drug effects
-Admin/SWAT/Police Jobs with different weapons/items/health/skins
-Fixed SWAT "there is no police online to stop you" Bug
-Police dont drop money and dont let players drop money
-File downloader for custom models/skins/sounds etc.
-sm_listdoor (Point at a player to see which doors he owns)
-sm_setmoney (Modify the Money of the player)
-sm_setmoneybank (Modify the Money on the Bank)
-sm_cuff (Cuff the player)
-sm_uncuff (Uncuff ;))
-sm_lockit (make a door uncrackable by a lockpick/doorhack)
-sm_getitem (get an item from a player - see sm_additem)
-sm_listitem (See which items the player owns)
-sm_dlcheck (checks the downloader system - debug!)
-and many many bugfixes and improvements i dont remember anymore ;)

-SWAT/Police Jobs
-Admin Jobs
-Crime List HUD
-Flawless Saving/Loading
-Dynamic Creation of NPCs/Items/Jobs/Spawns
-Stats HUD
-Job Menu
-Criminal-Tracing beams for combines
-Incredible Inventory
-Over 70 Preconfigured Items
-Drugs, Guns, Food, Lockpicks, Etc
-Dynamic Vendors
-User Friendly
-In-Depth Robbing
-Drop Money/Items
-Give Money/Items
-Weapon Restrictions
-Incredible Phone Mod
-Random Spawn Locations

Client Usage:
-E Key:
On Players - Give Money/Give Item/Jail Menu.
On NPCs - Bank/Job/Vendor Menu.
On doors - Opens if client has the respective doorkey.
2x On Cuffed - To Jail!

-Shift Key:
On Doors - Locks/Unlocks Door if client has the respective doorkey.
2x On Vendors/Bankers - Robs them.

/Items - Opens an inventory menu.
/Call - Calls a player.
/Answer - Answers a ringing phone.
/Hangup -Hangs up a phone call.
/Tracers - If police, toggles beams that show the location of criminals.

OOC - Out Of Character Chat (Map wide).
Yell - Yells for a longer chat radius.
Whisper - Whispers a chat message in a smaller radius.
Regular Chatting - Displays chat to players in a moderate chat range.

Admin Usage:
Sm_CreateJob - Adds a new job into the database.
Sm_RemoveJob - Removes a job from the database.
Sm_JobList - Prints all the jobs from the database into the console.
Sm_Employ - Employs a player with a privatly flagged job.
Sm_Name - Changes the name of a player.
Sm_Crime - Sets the amount of time a player has on the crime list.
Sm_CreateItem - Adds a new item into the database.
Sm_RemoveItem - Removes an item from the database.
Sm_ItemList - Prints items from the database into the console.
Sm_AddItem - Adds an item into a players inventory.
Sm_AddVendorItem - Adds an item to a vendor.
Sm_RemoveVendorItem - Removes an item from a vendor.
Sm_Status - Prints everyones roleplay stats from the database to the console.

Sm_GiveDoor - Gives doorkeys to the respective door
Sm_TakeDoor - Takes doorkeys from the respective door

Sm_OOC - Enables/Disables OOC

Sm_CreateNPC - Adds an NPC to the database
Sm_RemoveNPC - Removes an NPC from the database
Sm_NPCList - Prints all NPCs from the database into the console

Sm_CreateSpawn - Creates a spawn point at the respective location
Sm_RemoveSpawn - Removes a spawn point by ID
Sm_SpawnList - Prints spawn points from the database into the console

Screenshots (With Stocks Addon):



Police Woman with Special Skin

Item Menu

-The only out-of-game configuring that needs to be done is going into addons/sourcemod/data/roleplay/config.txt and editing the jail locations, the jail exit and map name. This (as well as all databases) is preconfigured for RP_C18_V1 - except of the exit location!!! YOU HAVE TO CORRECT THIS!


BTW: please only ask for help with this plugin - I will not give support for sourcemod or the server software itself.

I'll not provide support for creating a server, adding admins, installing sourcemod, the server configuration,...

Christian Uhl

Licence: GPLv2
Terms And Conditions of the General Public License V2